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If it feels good, do it!


Exercise tends to be associated with have-to’s, shoulds, and feelings of no pain, no gain. It is often part of self-destructive cycles of punishment or deprivation. Many people feel negatively towards exercise because they don’t enjoy what they are doing.

Movement is an important step in improving overall health, and has both physical and emotional benefits, increasing confidence, and boosting serotonin, the “feel good” chemical that contributes to well-being and happiness. Your exercise should be about moving because it feels good! When something is fun and pleasurable, you’ll be motivated to do it and you’ll actually start looking forward to it.

The question is what type of movement is pleasurable to you? What does your body want? Let the answer come from your body, not your head. Movement is meant to be pleasurable and any amount of movement counts.

One way to find movement that is fun is to ask yourself, “What kind of movement did I enjoy as a child?” or “What is something that I’ve never tried?”

Namaste! Anita