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Ageless Lifestyle, LLC

About Ageless Lifestyle 

Anita Young is an RN, a Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Health Coach, and is owner of Ageless Lifestyle. She has been a nurse for over 25 years and believes “Lifestyle is the Best Medicine" and that illness is an opportunity to stop pretending our bad habits don’t hurt us. Through Ageless Lifestyle coaching she helps create optimum health to live better longer, even while better managing lifestyle disease like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and heart disease.

A health coach is your advocate, your support system & your personal health investigator. Health coaches are that missing link you have been looking for; that person that will support you and also be that “tough love” coach that will tell you the things that others will not. Health coaches are trained in habit change and teach clients how to adopt a  new and healthier lifestyle while avoiding overwhelm and burnout. Ageless Lifestyle Coaching looks at the body’s systems as an interconnected web, taking into consideration the 7 protocols of health: Diet, exercise, stress, toxins, rest, emotional state, and mindset.

My Ageless Lifestyle program/approach may be just What you have been looking for!

Areas I can support you in:

AutoImmune Disease 

• Diabetes

• Skin Issues/diseases

• Gastrointestinal Issues/IBD

• Heart Disease

• Obesity and Weight Loss

• Heavy Metal Toxicity

• Fertility Issues

 Thyroid Issues

• Hormonal Issues

• Bone Health

• Gastrointestinal Issues

• Depression and Anxiety

• Allergies and Asthma

• Cancer Support

• Fibromyalgia

• Headaches and Migraines

What People are Saying!

Had I not done this program, I would have never known what I was missing, the increase in energy, pain free active life, feeling younger, thinner, and full of vitality. I would have just thought this is what getting older is like and I’d have to accept it. I am so grateful to Anita for introducing me to this Ageless Lifestyle 90 day program and all of its benefits. I am now back to a life like my younger days.

Claudia R. 

 I have used the Topical Pain Relief lotion and highly recommend it. I love the fragrance and the smooth feel of my skin. I had injured my thumb in the past and often have arthritic discomfort in it. This lotion relieved the pain completely. Thankful to Ageless Lifestyle!

Donna L.

I feel it is important to have a plan and support when making life changes. Anita has the ability to understand that everyone has a different perspective on life. She is able to see your focus and explain what changes will help make the goals you set become your new reality. With Anita’s guidance and encouragement I am on my way to a healthier and stronger mind body and spirit.

Sandy W.

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