Change; It is all a matter of perspective! Or is it?

O.K. fellow bloggers how many of you out there are feeling your backs to the wall? I would love to hear from you as I share my back to the ropes moment with you.

How do you stay focused, dodge that fatal blow and come back swinging?

When do you give in and accept that to continue status quo will ultimately lead to defeat?

How, where do you find the means financially catch up and get back on track when bills and obligations are coming at the speed of light? 

A year ago I was burning out (making money); but trading 14 hours a day 5 days a week of my life to do so. Seventy working hours a week was leaving very few waking hours to be with those I loved. 

As an artist I have always liked creating things.  Ideas are abundant but the financial resources and time necessary creating and nourishing love, life and laughter can get lost with a few financial set-backs to any of us.

When I started I was able to see my blessings of health and happiness as what they were, a blessing.  I was not prepared for the onslaught of sudden financial struggles to come.

One year later I realize that a relationship that meant the world to me only became more stressed by my financial set back.  So, can money buy you love? Depends on who you ask, but I am here to say the lack of it can cost you love.

My C280 For Sale

So if you need peace; if you need love, I hope it finds you today.

And together may we find that missing piece of the puzzle that puts our financial goals back within reach. And may each of us have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018.

“never quit, never give up, and never say never”_rodney shropshire

G.I.O   2017 was a true roller-coaster ride which started high, went down fast and ended with a lot of twists and turns. But I survived it and will rise above in 2018.

 Our thoughts are energy: I believe we can all help each other by channeling our positive energies.

To each of you who take the time to visit, thank you, I send you energies of peace, love and dreams come true.

Let’s do it, I send to you my energies and you; pay it forward and yes I believe these positive energies can go full circle and return to each of us


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Winter is a time to SAVE on Our Springtime Riding Gear

And a great time to tune up , fix up and spruce up the Scoot!



So Click Here or Copy and/or Paste the link below in Your Browser to be redirected to Today’s Motorcycle SALES on Apparel , Helmets, Tires, Wheels, and all that you will need to start planning for your Spring, Summer or Fall Ride. Enjoy a safe journey.

I am not a “January Man”

It is frigid cold ; for some the snow n ice in East Tennessee is picturesque for sure: “but I need Palm Trees n Mai Tai’s today”. Never comes the day, as my best made hopes to either work or hold my Ladies hand were broken and this cold night is the perfect backdrop for my discombobulated emotions. I’m sure many of you have had a worse day so I send you my prayers and let us look forward to tomorrow. And start again._Until then, May Peace Be With You_Rodney

The Ageless Draw and Appeal of the “Cafe Racer”

Living an ageless lifestyle isn’t pretending to be anything other than who we are, beautiful people blessed to still remember our childhood dreams, and enjoy that we still believe we can fly!

One of my teenage loves was the fun and fear of the motorcycle. I owned at least one scoot, Honda’s, Suzuki’s, Yamaha’s, BMW’s, Harley Davidson’s, etc. you got it I have loved the freedom and adventure of camping and touring on a motorcycle in my younger days. Today I want to build me another Cafe style scoot for fun.

Is the Honda CB series the best cafe platform…I think so, but welcome your suggestions. _May Peace Be With You, Rodney